Red Hat Honor Roll

Red Hat Honor Roll

Certificate that is presented to each recipient

Rider Education Red Hat

This award is presented to recognize those individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the motorcycle riding community through rider education.

They have consistently dedicated their time and effort over a prolonged period, to make motorcycle riding safer for all who take part in this sport.

Since its beginning in Arizona in 1994, (30 of hats given) have been presented throughout Region “F” and Nationally, to individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding and ongoing effort on behalf or rider safety awareness.

The “RED HAT” is a symbol of recognition for the countless hours invested.


May You Always Ride With Pride and Confidence


  1. John Loving -1994 – Chapter Director AZ-M, Captain Az Drill Team, MSF Instructor – Founder Skill Enhancement for AZ Riders. (17 years dedicated to Rider Education at the time of presentation)
  2. Ray Garris and Sandi – 1994 – Former AZ Educator, International Couple 1992-93, continuous efforts in First Aid/CPR Instructors
  3. Don Bass (Bok) – 1994 – Former Chapter Educator and Chapter Director AZ-E, Author of the 12 Month CREW program
  4. Robert F. “Pete” Woodruff – 1995 – National Rider Education Director for GWRRA, the one who put it all together for the rest of us
  5. Gene Ellsworth and Rae – 1995 – Region “F” Educator, former AZ District Educator, Seminar Instructor, the safety and idea team, Founder of the Red Hat Program. Started the Masters Breakfast Celebration for AZ.
  6. Walt Rice and Nancy – 1995 – AZ-E Chapter Director, former AZ-E Educator, Outstanding safety writer. Second hat to go to AZ-E
  7. Jon Haxton and Penny – 1996 – AZ-A Chapter Director and Educator, MSF Instructor, First Aid and Seminar Instructor.
  8. Al Jensen and Debby – 1996 – Colorado District Educator, MSF Instructor, First Aid/CPR Instructor, Exceptional support for the Master’s Program.  Colorado ws the first District in Region “F” to have 100 Masters!
  9. Roy Cope – 1996 – NM-A Chapter Educator who created strong support for rider education program in New Mexico
  10. Lowel Pierce and Gail – 1996 – AZ-O Chapter Director, this was a special presentation; with the use of what he had learned through rider education, Lowel saved the life of a Cottonwood police officer who was struck by lightning.  Lowel went on to be the Chapter Educator for AZ-O
  11. Charlie Thayer and Judy – 1996 – MSF Instructor, AZ Assistant District Educator; Directed the first SW Masters Spring Gathering;  in 1996 AZ-C had 11 new Masters to present, first chapter to have 75% of chapter members as Masters and AZ made a event out of it.
  12. Mike Nervik and Sharon – 1997 – AZ-A Educator for 3 years, EMT; Developed an incentive program for rider education participation. With his guidance, 27 people have achieved Level IV in less than 2 year.
  13. Jack Frost – 1998 – from CA who was an MSF Instructor
  14. LaMar Sullivan – 1998 – from Kanab Utah and was the Region “F” Director

1999 no presentations

  1. Ed Brennan – 2000 – National Director of GWRRA Rider Education
  2. Tom Jefferies and Barbara – 2000 – Region “F” Educators, for their dedication, long time efforts on behalf of safety and the rider education program (over 20 years at this time and they continue as Region “F” Educators for the 2nd and 3rd time)
  3. Harold Lind – 2001 – Master MSF Instructor, From Colorado; long time service in ERC, Two-Up and Trike classes for the riders of Colorado
  4. JoAnn Hitt – 2003 – for her teaching of First Aid and CPR on a continual basis for the past 10 years not only in Arizona, but Regionally and Nationally for motorcycle riders and the public in general
  5. Jim Graybeal – 2008 – Captain of AZ Drill Team; National Director GWRRA Drill Team Coordinator; for his continued dedication to improving motorcycle riding through the free skill enhancement program provided y the AZ Drill Team each year here in Arizona
  6. Jerry White – 2009 – Member of Arizona Drill Team; MSF Instructor, Former AZ-R Chapter Educator; for his long time dedication to rider education through the AZ Drill Team and ongoing time given, teaching safe motorcycle riding to the general motorcycle riders of Arizona
  7. Charly Seeburger – 2009 – Member AZ Drill Team; MSF Instructor; for his many hours as an instructor to the general motorcycle riding community in the promotion of safe riding
  8. Dennis Brink – 2009   - Arizona Drill Team MSF Coach; long time AZ Drill Team members and avid supporter or rider education for all motorcycle riders to enhance their safety
  9. Alan Platt – 2009  - Arizona Drill Team; Developer of Motorcycle Awareness program; and for continuing effort in the promotion of motorcycle safety for all riders
  10. Dave Gormley and Dee – 2009 – Long time AZ-A Chapter Educator; MSF Coach/Instructor; Winner of a 2009 GWRRA National Educator Award.  Dedicated to the ongoing promotion of rider safety for all motorcyclists
  11. William “Oilcan” Challberg – 2009  - Former GWRRA AZ District Educator; MSF Instructor; Charter Member of Arizona Precision Motorcycle Drill Team; Motorcycle event judge; GWRRA and Phoenix Motorcycle Officer Events and many years of participation and support of rider education for motorcyclists
  12. Dave Novitt and Sandie – 2010 – Have served as Motorcycle Awareness for Arizona since 2004 and held that position for both Arizona and Region “F”un; Dave has been on the AZ State Governors Office Motorcycle Safety Council for 2 years; and they are winners of the GWRRA Executive Directors Award. 
  13. Bob Berry and Althea-2011 – Bob is a former Asst. National Educator who helped draft the current rider course guidelines. He is a Master Rider course Instructor Trainer.   He went to Israel and gave them an ARC course to give them a start in the Rider Education program.
  14. Elma Maury - 2012 –.
  15. Mike Maury – 2012 – - Mike and Elma teach together. They teach Rider Education seminars on a regular basis.  They are seminar presenter trainers having taught in California and Region F conventions. They have been the CA1-F chapter educators since Dec 2009. Mike is a PLP facilitator. They received the National Rider Education Merit award in 2011. They also make sure that their keeps up in the levels program.
  16. Rick and Linda Howell – 2012 – Rick is charter member of NM-W. He is a past NM district educator. He is a MSF instructor and a GWRRA ARC and TRC instructor.  He is a Hall Fame recruiter and uses his Accessory Pit store as a training location and is a supporter of GWRRA.

2013 no presentations

  1. Mike Burke – 2014- Mike is the current California district educator, he has been an Assistant region educator for The past two years, he is a current TRC instructor, a MFA instructor, a PLP facilitator, a Senior Master Tour Rider,  a UTREP presenter, a UTDP trainer, heand his wife Ruth were the 2013 Region F couple of the year.
  2. Anita Alkire –2014 - former California district director, former Region F director, and current National Deputy Director
  3. Shirley Stephens-Garcia – 2014 - Co – Founder of GWRRA
  4. Mike & Lynn Briggs –2015- Mike has been in Education in Region I as a Chapter Educator, District Educator, Region Educator, and is now the Assistant Deputy Director for Region I and F.
  5. Mike & Dorie Werner- Both Mike & Dorie are: MFA Instructors, UTLTP instructors, UTREP instructors, and SUTs, and are Currently the Colorado District Educators, and Assistant Region F Educators. Mike will become an ARC instructor at the Colorado District Convention in August of 2016, and is a PLP. Dorie is also a UTMEP.  As the Assistant Region Educator, they have always stepped up to do what ever is asked of them.
  6. Randy Bolsinger- 2017 – Randy is a former Nevada Chapter Director as well as District Educator.  He currently is a UTREP Instructor (since 2010), an ARC Instructor (since 2010) as well as a TRC Instructor (since 2016).  Randy is a Senior Master Tour Rider and is known for his generosity and willingness to help (despite some personal life adversities).  Randy continues to give his all, as evidenced by his continued dedication to improving motorcycle riding safety and serving the members of Region ‘F’.