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What a wonderful Recruitment Idea this is!

Joe Opus is the District MEC for New Mexico, and he showed me this idea a couple of years ago, and we have adopted it at Colorado Chapter E.

The idea for a Tri-Fold Chapter Brochure was introduced to me at one of Arizona's District Conventions, about 2 years ago.

This Game comes from Colorado Chapter B, in Grand Junction. The idea is to encourage members to get out on their Bikes,to Ride and stop for something to eat.


Do you keep falling asleep during meetings? GWRRA Chapter Bingo is a way to change all of that!

How to play:

Wow, did we play a great game last night at a Chapter A gathering! It is called:  what Super Hero Power would you choose to have?

Many of us use GWRRA-isms or Wing-lish, and forget that new members do not know what we are talking about. Click on the attachment below to view a list of GWRRA-isms or Wing-lish. If you have any you want me to add, please write to me!

This game can be used as a form of a 50/50 game at either a Chapter gathering or a Chapter Mystery Dinner Ride.

Take a solid color cloth bag that has a drawstring to close it. Place 24 same size and same color Marbles or Poker Chips inside the bag. Place 1 same size but different color Marble or Poker Chip inside the bag with all of the others.

Sell your tickets for $1 each..letting each person decide if they only want to buy 1 ticket(chance) or more. They get to keep one side of the ticket(s), and the other half goes into a fish bowl or container.

At your Chapter gathering, pass around a roll of toilet paper. Tell each person to take as many squares as they want to! Then, when everyone has their squares, you go around the room and each person has to tell one thing about theirselves for each square of toilet paper they are holding!

Obviously, a member who has taken lots of squares will be quite busy telling things, and that is where the fun is!

You learn so many things about people when you give them a chance to talk about themselves!

This game came to us from Chapter A in Colorado, since that is the first place we played it.

At your Chapter gathering, go around the room and ask each person who are the three "Beings" they would want to be stranded with on a Deserted Island. A "Being" can be a person/animal who has passed away, a fictional character, a living person/animal...etc! have fun with it!

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